No more excuses!!! This is my life…….you only get one shot!!

I’m doing this to try to motivate myself to lose weight. I am the heaviest I have ever been. It’s unhealthy and I feel disgusting. I’m 42 years old! I’m only 5’oft tall and as of today I weight 230.8lbs!!!!! I am disabled in a wheelchair mainly cause I am this heavy and it too much weight to put on my legs. My disability I was born with congenital rickets a vitamin D deficiency which I really don’t know much about. What brought me to this unhealthy state I’m in. My life changed about 5yrs ago. Before then I lived on my own. I had an awesome job making awesome money. I was walking all over the place! I was independent! I was proving all I can do it on my own. Then in Nov. of 2008 my Mom passed away. She had very bad diabetes and died of a heart attack. My Mom was my reason I pushed myself to be so independent to be the strong person I once was. But now she’s was gone. I quit my job and moved to PA to be with my Dad, My sister and her family. They are all I have. So I went into a depression. Eating ……….gaining weight. So all this triggered problems with my health. I was having problems walking big time. I went to the Dr. finally. So outcome gave me a little knowledge of my disability. I Have high blood pressure, high uric acid, low vitamin D, low calcium , low phosphorus, low potassium, sleep apnea and at times unbearable pain and weakness. I had to have my tonsils & adenoids removed they were so enlarged I would stop breathing too many times at night. Before the surgery I had to go to a heart dr. to see if my heart can take the surgery which put me in panic mode I was going to end up like my Mom. Anyways , my heart was ok to have surgery.

I said so many times and tried so many times to lose the weight. It’s so hard!!! I don’t want to end up like my Mom she was 60 when she died………I’m 42! I want change! I need change! I need motivation! I want to live! I want to walk again like before! So I decided to try a blog to help me. To get motivation from others. From people I don’t know! Suggestions! Ideas! I need to do this for me. I need to find my drive………’s so hard to stick to. They say it’s helps when your on a diet to write a journal and this is going to be my journal the whole world can read. I am determined to lose this weight and become the independent strong person I once was. I wrote in to the Biggest Losers asking for help………nothing! I wrote other shows and people asking for help……….nothing! SO here I am! Imma show the world what I got!!!! The will & the power to will!

My goal weight is 150-160lbs for now. wish me luck …………………when I figure out how to post picture I will