Super Bowl VS. Food Bowl

I love the Super Bowl ( I love Football .. Giants fan) Love the thrill of it all! Getting together with great friends laughing and cheering. Fighting over plays and laugh at the commercials. Having a betting pool. It’s awesome!!! But the best thing is the food!!!! Beers & wings!! OMG!!!! Heaven!!! We have a Super Bowl party every year. So we do a lot of cooking. Ugh! I sooooo wannna stick to my diet but no way is this going to happen with all the food & alcohol around. I love to cook!!! I love food! As soon as I hear someone wants to go food shopping I’m in……….regular shopping no thanks!! Buffalo wing or some veggies????? You’re lying if you said veggies!!! My sister brought wings home from this place where I live ……….god they make awesome wings. So there I went had 4 wings yesterday for lunch so here it goes………….. Super Bowl 0 Food Bowl 1 …………… far food bowl is winning!!! This is going to be a rough weekend!!! ugh


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