Month: January 2014

Super Bowl VS. Food Bowl

I love the Super Bowl ( I love Football .. Giants fan) Love the thrill of it all! Getting together with great friends laughing and cheering. Fighting over plays and laugh at the commercials. Having a betting pool. It’s awesome!!! But the best thing is the food!!!! Beers & wings!! OMG!!!! Heaven!!! We have a Super Bowl party every year. So we do a lot of cooking. Ugh! I sooooo wannna stick to my diet but no way is this going to happen with all the food & alcohol around. I love to cook!!! I love food! As soon as I hear someone wants to go food shopping I’m in……….regular shopping no thanks!! Buffalo wing or some veggies????? You’re lying if you said veggies!!! My sister brought wings home from this place where I live ……….god they make awesome wings. So there I went had 4 wings yesterday for lunch so here it goes………….. Super Bowl 0 Food Bowl 1 …………… far food bowl is winning!!! This is going to be a rough weekend!!! ugh


The road to a new me………………is it so much to want or ask for???

So still sticking to my diet and feeling antsy today. I weighted myself this morning 228lbs not bad. I have a long road ahead of me and I wish it wasn’t so damn hard. So for breakfast I had an egg with black beans & salsa with half of an avocado. My downfall was the 2 cups of coffee. So hard to stop drinking that damn cup of coffee. I’m trying to stick with the lemon & water or green tea. I know they say to drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water ugh I just hate drinking water for some reason. Tonight making chicken fajitas instead of the wrap i’m going to use lettuce and make brown rice and beans. I have to get in a workout! I need a routine I guess and stick to it. I guess it’s like they say Rome wasn’t built in a day. One day at a time!!!

No more excuses!!! This is my life…….you only get one shot!!

I’m doing this to try to motivate myself to lose weight. I am the heaviest I have ever been. It’s unhealthy and I feel disgusting. I’m 42 years old! I’m only 5’oft tall and as of today I weight 230.8lbs!!!!! I am disabled in a wheelchair mainly cause I am this heavy and it too much weight to put on my legs. My disability I was born with congenital rickets a vitamin D deficiency which I really don’t know much about. What brought me to this unhealthy state I’m in. My life changed about 5yrs ago. Before then I lived on my own. I had an awesome job making awesome money. I was walking all over the place! I was independent! I was proving all I can do it on my own. Then in Nov. of 2008 my Mom passed away. She had very bad diabetes and died of a heart attack. My Mom was my reason I pushed myself to be so independent to be the strong person I once was. But now she’s was gone. I quit my job and moved to PA to be with my Dad, My sister and her family. They are all I have. So I went into a depression. Eating ……….gaining weight. So all this triggered problems with my health. I was having problems walking big time. I went to the Dr. finally. So outcome gave me a little knowledge of my disability. I Have high blood pressure, high uric acid, low vitamin D, low calcium , low phosphorus, low potassium, sleep apnea and at times unbearable pain and weakness. I had to have my tonsils & adenoids removed they were so enlarged I would stop breathing too many times at night. Before the surgery I had to go to a heart dr. to see if my heart can take the surgery which put me in panic mode I was going to end up like my Mom. Anyways , my heart was ok to have surgery.

I said so many times and tried so many times to lose the weight. It’s so hard!!! I don’t want to end up like my Mom she was 60 when she died………I’m 42! I want change! I need change! I need motivation! I want to live! I want to walk again like before! So I decided to try a blog to help me. To get motivation from others. From people I don’t know! Suggestions! Ideas! I need to do this for me. I need to find my drive………’s so hard to stick to. They say it’s helps when your on a diet to write a journal and this is going to be my journal the whole world can read. I am determined to lose this weight and become the independent strong person I once was. I wrote in to the Biggest Losers asking for help………nothing! I wrote other shows and people asking for help……….nothing! SO here I am! Imma show the world what I got!!!! The will & the power to will!

My goal weight is 150-160lbs for now. wish me luck …………………when I figure out how to post picture I will